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My Relationship With Edith Edith was a loveable carefree person and still is perhaps. Haven’t seen her in over three years.

Edith was a loveable carefree person and still is perhaps. Haven’t seen her in over three years. From Gaborone, Botswana, Edith is Eve’s older sister and the two live very different lifestyles. Eve is the diva, Edith is the best friend type that is if you are cool with the chain smoking. The girl smoked like a chimney!
My first encounter with Edith was on the very first night we entered the house. She  was  the first person to make me smoke a cigarette. Look, I hated cigarettes, still do but it was probably the coldest night of my life. First, I didn’t sleep for even a second because the liquor was over flowing and since my love for the bottle is very well documented, I got super drunk and when Edith saw me all shivery she offered me a cigarette. I told her I had never smoked in my life and all she said to me was;
Definitely I could not decline the puff. I took the cigarette, smoked it and as you can imagine I chocked a couple times until I got it. That girl almost made me a smoker. Well, she kind of did for I smoked all my three months in the house. It should be noted though; it was absolutely because of the overwhelming cold and peer pressure. I hope my mum is not reading this. Apparently, she almost entered the screen several times to throw away all the smokes Edith gave me. She excruciatingly watched me for three months smoking and getting good at it. It hurt her so much she scolded me about it when she met me at the airport.
Edith was just a breath of fresh air every time I was around her. We shared the love for liquor and most times I stole some bottles and kept for her and she always had me in mind when she stashed some alcohol too. One weekend we had a very hot Tanzanian lady deejay playing at our party and Edith was so drunk she went and kissed the deejay on the lips only to be whisked away by the muscled bouncers. I laughed my lungs out that night and that is how much Edith made me happy.

When she and Eve were nominated in the fourth week for eviction, she remained so strong and I admired her strength a lot. Unlike her sister Eve, Edith never broke down emotionally, like ever. She was like a guy. She would scream screw big brother all the time we were denied liquor. You couldn’t tell her to be the lady. She always did what her mind told her. Very uncompromising! When she moved in the downstairs bedroom where Keitta and I slept, she would make us laugh all night long with her dirty jokes. One thing I remember about this girl is her foul mouth. I had never in my life met a girl curse that much but that was cool with me because I was no angel myself.



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