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sabiIt’s kind of hard not to love Sabina Stadler, she is funny as demonstrated by the standing ovation she got during the BBA opening night. She was hilarious, and it was really sad that she got kicked out of BBA so early.

But weep not Sabina fans as the former QTv news anchor is back on our screens. Sabina will be starring as ‘Lucy ’in a star-studded new show called “Back to Shaggz”. As the title suggests, Lucy a city lady with a distinct ‘Brirish’ accent is forced to go back to the village along with her husband in a bid to get back to their roots. The two are expected to take over their deceased uncle’s old house.

But life in the village proves difficulty for the city girl who is welcomed by a grimy house, questions about babies and a rat-infested latrine on its last legs. Will Lucy survive away from the life of manicures, Burkin bags and visits to Zanzibar? Only time will tell…



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