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ellIt’s very interesting to see that in as much as someone may have die-hard fans, there’s always those who are also equally die-hards for someone else. In this case, BBA winner Tanzanian Idris Sultan may be having lots of fans across Africa but other former fellow BBA housemates also share a piece of the cake.

Case in point, Idris went to his Facebook page and seemed to like Ellah’s new found job at Uganda’s first rising Urban Tv, he joked that he would be intune and begged the Ugandan beauty to be a co-host: “That new Tv show you got woman i will make it my home whenever i need fame hahahah. Please am your very close friend can i co host ????

A one Ella Melah implored Idris to keep off the Ugandan beauty Queen because according to her, he made a fool out of her.

 Ella Melah idris stay away from ellah, u made a complete fool outa her#unforgivable

Idris Sultan Aw really ?

Mariah Goma Kunda yes idris.i ws brken too

Ella Melah yeah really, u kept playin on her mind en the moment u got out of that house you went runnin after samantha, do not string her along in your love triangles pse I beg of you

What’s your take on the unfolding drama?



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