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shDillish has a lot to thank God, her fans and family for, so it’s definitely natural to feel that way if one is in her shoes.

See message she shared on one of her social media platforms, it will met youe heart…

“I’m so happy with my life right now. All is truly possible with God by your grateful for my family, health, friends & of course my
I’ve always been grateful though but the older I get the more I start to understand and appreciate how God blessed me with so much from a tender age. I can never say” thank you ” enough Mr Jesus you are truly dope! I’m not perfect but I try to be a better person everyday I get mad and say nasty things but duh I’m human & I’m still learning. I’m also very thankful for my social media family who genuinely care & motivate me everyday you are no strangers to me. I appreciate you all. I mean duh we just made for each other. I’d like to see more women empowerment cos that’s what I stand for ! I have no time to compete cos I’m running my own race & I just wana see you all happy (real talk) anyways ‪#‎London‬ did me good I needed that “me time” I just need to buy myself a new car and I’m 100% ready for this year cos I love doing things that make me happy blah blah blah all in all Thank you Jesus pls help me to never become too proud AMEN.



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