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Lady May1She has become almost too famous and successful for the local music industry and now Lady May has taken her passionate personae to the road, literally.

In fact, she needs little encouragement to tell of the times when the studio gets too stagnant and she just needs to get away. That is when the lady would woosh off on her Big Boy Revival E5 150 scooter and swoosh on down the streets for an hour or so. “When I come back my mind comes back refreshed,” says the controversial superstar. “There is just something about being on the road!” exclaims the giggly, excitable Lady May.

Her love of motorbikes has come a long way over the years and at first she admits to having been too scared, not brave enough, to try and ride, even after receiving her Big Boy as prize for her participation in 2012’s Big Brother Africa Stargame. “Last year I officially started perfecting my balance and bike-riding skills,” she said, explaining that friends helped and getting her licence was smooth as she was “really ready.”

But then there was the accident. “Falling and breaking my nose and my tooth,” was a real eye-opener regarding the dangers of motorcycle riding. “The accident taught me that bikes are very, very, very dangerous,” she said and that, “my bike is like my best friend. When it threw me off I was heartbroken.” According to her motorbikes are “not like a car where you are enclosed and wear a seat belt.” These days she doesn’t “leave the house without my helmet and my gloves, my leather biker-jacket, strong sneakers and strong pants.”

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