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hdsHuddah agrees with the latest Goverment initiative to provide condoms for those who want to have sex. The campaign that was launched on Monday seeks to cut down the rate of HIV infection among the teenagers as the statistics have shown that teenagers are at a risk of contracting the virus from un-protected sex.

This is not the time to drag the issue of African morals into this, this is not 1980, If you feel that kids shouldn’t be given condoms, maybe you should take us all back to 1903 (in your imaginary time-machine perhaps)

Kids are having sex as early as 13! They wont even hear that old women’s talk about abstinence, give them condoms, lots of them, sensitize them on how to use them, let them have sex till they have enough, later on they will realize that sex is overrated. But we shall have saved them from a looming catastrophe, the HIV and Aids pandemic. Don’t be vague, this is not about morals, this is about having a future, having a generation to keep our country alive.

Ex- BBA star Huddah Monroe supports this noble cause, she shared  on her Instagram:


Uhuru though emoji . You gotta wrap em ! I tell my likkle brothers “you can screw ,but weka condom mpangoni!” #HIVisREAL! REPEAT after me…… #CondomsInYourWallet #CondomsInYourHandbag #CondomsInYourCar #CondomsEverywhere #WeCanEradicateHIV! #HuddahCondoms emoji



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