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moneySocialite Huddah Monroe has been ridiculed lately for trying to pull a Amber Rose after she shaved her hair and allegedly enlarged her anterior and posterior to pull a completely new stunt.

Huddah, however, seems not to care what people say about her as she goes on to get what she wants using what her mama gave her.

And now she will be rejoicing after receiving a backing from one of the unlikliest sources in Capital FM’s Amina Abdi.

Speaking exclusively to Ghafla Kenya, Amina has jumped to the defense of Huddah, saying she should be left alone to do what she wants.

Amina has applauded Huddah as a go-getter and has challenged her to go and get more.

She wonders why people are ridiculing the socialite when they should be minding about their own businesses.

“Go for the money girl, go”, Amina added with a big chortle.

Here is the interview she had with Ghafla Kenya:




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