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drisEvery 8th of March is International Women’s Day and it has been so for the last 100 years or so. It’s therefore only natural that those who are still blessed to have their mothers in their lives shower them with lots of love.

BBA winner Idris had a hearty message for her mom who raised him as a single mother, read on…

mm dris“You’re the woman who said no i want my son in a good school even if i cant pay i will work day and night to make sure he has the best.
You’re the woman who told me that the only hope you have is me and i should stay strong because thats who i am regardless.
You’re the woman that went through alot raising me as a single mom without a real job but put food on the table when it was time to eat.
You’re the woman that took care of 5 sisters after your mom(my grandma) passing away leaving my grandpa jobless.
You’re the woman that beat me up like you never gave birth to me and bought ice-cream and put it in the fridge knowing i will obviously eat it but then now i realize that was your apology because you have pride.
You made sure all troubles you had don’t stop a smile on your face when you came home just to make us feel all is good.
You had an option to make me go through the worst but you did the total opposite.
You took care of me and now its my turn, let me take care of you and note: this is not a request.
I love you mom, I appreciate you, i love you again and again.
You did more than your share of a mom and focused so much on me now let us get back to your dream it’s about time you be the queen you were meant to be.
HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY #proudSon#happyWomansDay #love #sultannation #sultanmom#livelong #gamechanger



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