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Stunner-PokelloDuring a joint show with Zimdancehall star Seh Calaz at the Book Café last Friday — his last show before a United States of America tour — Stunner took the fairly big crowd by surprise when he sang about his ex-girlfriend who is now engaged to Ghanaian Elikem Kumordzie.

While on stage, Stunner performed the hit song Hameno in which he questions why certain events happened in the manner they did. The controversial rapper composed the song well before his well-publicised relationship with Pokello.

With the crowd warming up to the song, Stunner suddenly added a new line to the song. “Chii Chakaita kuti Pokello aende kuGhana.” (What made Pokello go to Ghana). The new line was clearly an apparent reference to the fact that Pokello dumped him for former Big Brother Africa star Elikem who hails from the Ghanaian capital, Accra.

Efforts  to get a comment from the rapper on the lyrics on Pokello proved fruitless.

Stunner was dumped live on television when Pokello professed her love for Elikem whom she had met in the Big Brother house in 2013.

When she left for the Big Brother Africa reality show, Pokello was still in a relationship with Stunner but after spending 57 days in the Big Brother house with Elikem who was pursuing her, she finally gave in after having been asked by Big Brother host IK to come clean on the matter.

She said live on television, “I am seriously feeling Elikem, I am feeling him big-time. I will wait for him,” and almost three years down the line, they are still going strong and are engaged.

Last year, during the Ghana Music Awards, Elikem proposed live on television and the Zimbabwean socialite duly consented.

But a fortnight after the Pokello-Elikem engagement live on television, Stunner did a musical remix of  Zviri Kufamba Sei which took an indirect dig at his former Big Brother Africa girlfriend Pokello.

“Wotonzwa pfambi dzakuroorwa,” sang Stunner.

Stunner is now reportedly dating model Melissa Moyo but his constant reference to his socialite ex-girlfriend could make people question where he stands.

Before she dated Stunner, Pokello was fairly unknown but that all changed when her bedroom tape with the controversial rapper was leaked. The tables have clearly turned now. Stunner now plays second fiddle to Pokello in the popularity stakes.



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