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tayorwandaTayo from Nigeria is one of the most celebrated BBA Hot Shots and he has joined himself to Rwandans in the 21 commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Speaking to IGIHE, Tayo wished he was back in Rwanda to comfort them through these hard times but although he is far he stays with them at heart.

“Gold went through fire before it shines,what the great land of Rwanda went through is what makes it golden, and as we remember our people who lost their lives in the Genocide we should celebrate them by thinking further on how to keep this treasure, how to keep the light on and how to make our land much greater,” Tayo said.

He stressed: “There shall be no more war, discrimination, or hate in Rwanda. Let’s stand to love one another as we remember, together we stand divided we fall.”

Tayo has been in Rwanda recently and has sent his warm message to the Rwandans who are mourning for their loved ones encouraging them to stay strong and build their nation as they remember.



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