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hudd1Socialite Huddah Monroe has been traversing the vastly regions of the European continent, hanging out with prominent and eminent persons in equal measure.

This boss chic is not taking chances with life and all she is doing YOLOing while life lasts, making use of what her mama gave her.

It was early today that Huddah openly admitted that she has never minded how she gets her mullar. All she knows is money is money and it is not written anywhere how it was acquired.

And now the self-proclaimed boss chic has yet again thrown a controversial photo online with an even more controversial caption.

Hold on. Huddah is just throwing pranks on us. She is actually not getting laid.

Huddah is seen lying down on some cool place, probably in Europe and below the photo all she can say is she is getting laid.

See here:


huddahthebosschickGetting laid



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