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softHe is known as the King Of Bling, Rapcellency,  the smooth operator thanks to the bevy of beauties he has been linked with in the past and the biggest Kenyan BBA star as no Kenyan has made it as far as Prezzo did at BBA.

But Prezzo is not known as an emotional person. He is what people would call a true G. He was in rare form recently when he took to social media to eulogize Feroz penning this poignant message:

Together we formed the CMB Family, I miss u Firoz. I always wish u wld be here to bare the fruits of the seeds we planted ma brother but I know ur in a better place watching and ur proud. #ThrowBack #CMB #TheBeginning #Rapcellency

firozFeroze was a close friend of the king of Bling Prezzo and was a 3rd of the Hip Hop group Cash Money brothers (CMB). He was also a brother to one of the most decorated Kenyan female artistes Nazizi



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