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hhudaFormer Big Brother Africa flop and Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has been making headlines lately with her travels and tours across the globe.

From Paris to Rome to Zanzibar, the chocolate brown socialite has been letting the world freely know what and how she has been doing, who she has been meeting and hanging out with.

Oh Huddah!She won’t stop at anything to get to her fans and anyone else who cares to know what’s happening in her ‘private’ life.

Huddah has once again let out a loud roared that has shaken the jungle and let out the ever scared small animals running for their lives.

Her latest photos on her instagram clearly tell this woman has no field to grow chills. Probably her field does not support the production of chills.

She has unleashed semi-naked photos that are already leaving quite a number mind-boggled and jaw-dropping.

Her latest is synonymous to the likes of Amber Rose who would want the world to see even the most secret of all things. She has pulled a Kardashian and she seems to be so proud of it.





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