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hhudPeople want to measure up and show off to their fellow friends, colleagues and family (If you aren’t living with them), how fabulous their lifestyle is. It’s such a struggle!

The name Huddah Monroe, should ring a bell.  A former Big Brother Africa contestant, Huddah is known for her lavish lifestyle she showcases on her social media pages, sultry and sexually titillating photos as well as her jet-setting lifestyle.

A regular visitor to Nigeria, Huddah Monoe, shared a picture about a fortnight ago, where she allegedly said they (the pictures) were from a supposed private party she attended in the Banana Island part of Lagos State.

In the many pictures, one could ascertain that much was expended on bringing the said party to life, with dollar bills scattered all over the floor, expensive bottles of Ace of Spades sitting in buckets of ice and what have you.

Huddah later deleted the pictures she posted (Perhaps out of fear that she might get busted), but she wasn’t as fast as she ought to, as prying eyes already took several screenshots of it.

Now it truly appears that all of her pictures and what she said happened were just blatant lies. One observing Instagram user decided to show to the world, how fake the controversial Kenyan socialite is.

The observant claimed that, the pictures were posted over three weeks ago by another Instagram account/user, who happens to be a lavish and wealth-flaunting Nigerian, and the pictures posted from a strip club somewhere in Atlanta.

A really dramatic unveil, see for yourself from the photos below, how and what the seemingly disgusted observant said.





gFrom the above photos, what’s your conclusion?

Huddah Monroe found fame when she was a contestant in the reality TV show, Big Brother Africa.Although she didn’t win, she came out of the house more popular than she got in. A Kenyan, Huddah exudes every bit of sexiness as evident in pictures of her.



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