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prezzoooooooooooooooooooooooooooPrezzo has never been a gun snob; he is always strapped and has even gone on to social media to show off his gun.

But this time he shared a photo that has raised eyebrows on Social Media, him wearing a bullet proof vest.


“Running late got be in court by 8:15 my predicament right now is what tie to wear. #Rapcellency #TrulyUnruly. #TMTAfrica” he captioned this photo.

Is this a new fashion statement or bad boy swag or is his life actually in danger?

This is what his fans had to say :

wildlri: Hahaha wee mzee hutai wacha kunibamba they will target ur head.

serahmwihaki:  Isn’t showing that you wear a bullet proof vest nullifying the protection it provides. If you’re in real threat then they know and will aim for the head? Or is it bad boy swag? 2h

jaymohwathanga: Hahahaha @kamaki_ huyu mtu wako…kuchocha sana!



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