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The Nigeriab BBA rep shared the above photo yesterday (Tuesday) with the touching message below, read more to find out…

“I *choose* to tell the story behind this birthday gift that was given to me by Tayonation on my birthday on this particular *Chooseday*. 😁

We went to the park to relax one bright sunny day. As we were chilling, Kingkong carried Akintoye and asked me to snap both of them. I picked up my phone, glanced through the lens and what I saw shocked me. The most perfect picture but with the wrong daddy. 😀😀 Immediately I shouted, “give me my baby joor. Am the one that should be there not you”.
Kingkong just laughed and called me *weere*. He handed my baby over to me, took a pic of us and of course some others with Mummy Toye. 😊. We left the park and I forgot all about the pic. I loved it so much so that I refused to share it with the world. I kept it for my viewing pleasure.
You can imagine how I felt when I saw the same picture on a canvas being given to me on such a special day. I got emotional and teared up. But I managed to hold the tears cos of a personal decision I took. Now I woke up each morning to this view all thanks to ‪#‎Tayonation‬. I want to thank Kingkong for giving my admin the picture without consulting me. It’s the best birthday gift anyone has ever given to me. Thank you #Tayonation for making my birthday a memorable one. I you.

Happy *Chooseday* Tayonation.”



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