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mayNamibian award-winning artist, Lady May, real name Martha Namundjebo, used words such as ‘Oh, my G*d, s**t, what the h*ck, h*ll yeah,’ as well as calling the First Lady ‘my love’ during her speech at an event when the First Lady, Monica Geingos had a meeting with women in the entertainment industry at State House in Windhoek last week.

It all started when Lady May took the centre stage talking about how she think it would be a good idea if the Namibian government could assist local artists with funds or scholarships to go and study outside the country. According to her Namibia doesn’t have such great schools. “There (outside) we will have a good vocal trainer who will teach us. This would be fr**kin’ great. H*ll yeah! I mean in Namibia there are a lot of talent, but our parents don’t have that kind of money to send us to those types of schools. Talent need to be perfected and that s**t can’t happen in Namibia,” the one-time Namibia representative in the Big Brother Africa Star game, Season 7 reality show related.

The 29-year-old singer further said that this will also help more local artists to start performing live. “I have heard several people going on about how Namibian artists don’t perform live, but what the h*ck do you expect us to do? S**t, this is something that we know. We are used to this as many are doing it. This is all we know. We don’t know any better and that is why we are doing it,” says Lady May.

Lady May is also known for the public scandal at the 2011 Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs),where she flashed her middle finger, an insulting gesture, and later saying: ‘Good night motherf**kers’.



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