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huddah (1)Huddah Monroe has been on the front pages recently following her travels across the globe, her controversial posts and her of course her businesses, including the one Ghafla exposed several months ago.

But one thing with Huddah is that she care less as she goes about her things every day. She rarely minds what people say about her or about the controversies she courts.

From Paris to Rome to Zanzibar, Huddah has enjoyed every moment she lives. And this comes several seasons after she broke up with her former boyfriends Prezzo and Mustafa and those we don’t know.

Sometimes back it was rumoured that Huddah was dating singers Mustafa and Prezzo but their affairs were short-lived as each one of them went their own way.

And now Huddah is showing them her middle finger in her latest post on her instagram.

Huddah has posted a photo of herself and says that she really looks at them and feels so sad for them. Why? Because she feels she is so pretty that they must be missing her.

Here is what she said:

huddahthebosschickSometimes I feel sad for the men I broke up with . I mean look at me ?



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