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Nigeria’s Tayo was a contest last year – Hotshots’ edition
Big Brother Africa 2015 will start soon though the actual dates are yet to be announced by the show’s producers.
In the wake of a new season brewing, ardent fans of the popular reality show have all come out to voice their opinions as regards the expected bunch of housemates this year.
Contrary to what Biggie has done in the recent past of bringing back ex housemates 
on the show, the fans are of the view that new faces should be introduced instead of the same old faces.
A quick look at our social media says it all…
Gaone Gaonosi new housemates biggie
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Nenyenwaikuku Smilnface C Fresh housemates
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Susan Taziona Mulenga i prefer new housemates to the exes, we have seen enough from them,i expect the best
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Anthonia Oby Chilozie New housemates biggeee
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Maureen Sandra We need new housemates
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