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They have been sold out completely! How on heaven earth did Huddah Monroe acquire hers? Or the sponsor has unrivaled connection?
Huddah Monroe has bought the famous Rihanna’s Puma Fenty Creepers. The shoes were sold out in less 3 hours after they were launched.
Puma Creepers are currently not available online on Puma’s official website, folks rushed to purchase the few that were placed online for sale.
That begs the question; how did Huddah Monroe manage to acquire her Puma Fenty Creepers given that some Americans couldn’t even buy the shoes as they were sold out?
Surprisingly Huddah has two pairs of Puma Creepers. The shoes are not that expensive as they cost Kes 14,000 a pair.
But you can’t get them anywhere now unless it’s Chinese fake!



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