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It’s interesting how followers/fans still cling on to the fact that they still see people as a “couple” even when they (ex-lovers) call it quits.
Big Brother Africa season 8 ‘Chasemates’ Feza Kessy from Tanzania and Oneal Mudomo from Botswana stole our hearts with their showmance that was highly tipped to take Africa by storm.
Even after the show, the two still kept in touch and visited each others country only to quit the relationship pre-maturely to reasons well known to them.

However, fans in Botswana still love Feza all the same ans still regard her as their Makoti (daughter in-law).

@FezaKessy ?u still our makoti?

— tya (@thee_tya) June 11, 2016

Am I?? I hope so

— Feza (@FezaKessy) June 11, 2016

She’s also not so hard on the poor followers with whom she chats up storms on social media.

Sometimes u can love someone with all your being, and all they do is disrespect you! All u do is give give give & they just take take take!

— Feza (@FezaKessy) June 16, 2016

You cannot force someone to love you, be loyal to you or respect you. This applies to all relations.

— Feza (@FezaKessy) June 16, 2016

I hope life treats you kind lovers. Cheers.

— Feza (@FezaKessy) June 16, 2016

Indeed the once famous “Oneza” love affair didn’t stand the taste of time, sad, isn’t it?



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