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MACKY II, who married Cheelo Haantinga late last month, has been receiving congratulatory messages with his arts association saying it helps clear the air that musicians do not marry.

“It is always pleasing to see young people tie knots as husband and wife in holy matrimony. Having witnesses helps clear the air that musicians don’t marry but that they are always ‘players’. Macky II proved to be different, especially after appearing in Big Brother Africa,” Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) chairperson Njoya Tee said in the wake of the wedding.

“ZAM wishes the Kairas a happy life ever after. The support from fellow artistes was overwhelming and greatly commendable. Keep the fire burning. T Sean/Baila is next. Lol.”

Mampi, who was on the wedding line-up, also offered her congratulations, although she added a tongue-in-cheek caveat to her statement.

“My brother and friend, Mark Mulaza Kaira, got hitched. It was the wedding of the year for sure guys…may God bless their union. Congratulations to the newest couple in town, Mr and Mrs Kaira,” she posted on her Facebook page. Then she added the flippant side.

“Hmmm, Zambians have no chill pill, my inbox is filled with ‘so when is your wedding Mampi?’ Marriage is not a competition. It’s a very strong commitment and one must be sure when deciding to settle down with somebody.

“Over 50 messages sure, like you were born to attend Mampi’s wedding…lol! When it happens you will hear about it…I’m even worried because gate-crushers bakafula [will be too many] hehehe,” she said.

Anyway, it was all systems go for Macky II.

For a start, the décor was done by veteran musician Brian Shakarongo’s daughter, Princess Chengala-Musonda, who does celebrity décor.

Then the line-up had artistes such as Daxon of Ma Africa, Chef, Afunika, T-Sean, Pilato as the best man, Sulu as knife boy, Franciar and Mampi.

As if that were not enough, there were performances by the likes of Mampi, Dalisoul, Exile and Nalu, while Kabova and Kasaka were the comedians and masters of ceremonies.

The church ceremony was at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross and the reception at Mika Convention Centre in Lusaka.

That is the Macky II way of marrying.



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