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Idris won the latest BBA edition – seen here with alleged girlfriend Samantha
No calls for auditions have been made to date and time is running out to do that … plus have a quality 3 month show which won’t run into the Christmas season again.

According to sources, Endemol producers of Big Brother Africa have said that Season 10 will not happen this year. 


For the last previous years, the show has been aired near the end of the year and now they will have to just push it to 2016. 

In 2013, the show started around June, and in 2014 the show was postponed to November due to the devastating fire that burnt the original house down at Sesani studios. 

With the concurrent production of S2 BBMzansi (South Africa) and Big Brother Angola currently still running, word has it that Big Brother Africa could stand down due to logistical issues…. unless a unleaked secret AllStars2 is planned with no auditions needed. This scenario seems highly unlikely, because there are always leaks and rumours well ahead of time.

During this year we have also heard rumours of a BBNigeria, but no confirmation or auditions have been held for that yet either. The BBM and BBAngola have the exact same theme, so running it concurrently is not a problem: no re-make, re-furnishing, re-interior design is needed.

We also know that the current studio which was sourced after the fire, is not conducive to the noise volume generated by the show, and the solution would be to find an appropriate studio or go back to where the old house was. 

Extensive infrastructure repairs were needed for the house to make it the high tech machine it was before. It had better live show facilities, and was not flanked by quiet suburbs. 

The lead producer of the show has said that their main focus is delivering quality content to viewers all over the world.

” We focus on creating a show that will be popular all around sub-saharan Africa and other regions. We would care less on the date in which the show will be aired, whether it will be early 2016 or later. All we have to focus on is producing a season that everyone will live to remember”◀

Hotshots was a complete Cold shot, so getting the concept right is important to us as viewers.

We would therefore estimate the start date of Season 10 of Big Brother Africa to be somewhere in 2016, hopefully early 2016. 

We might get a nice surprise in a couple of weeks, but will let you know when news breaks.



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