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So while the excitement of the 2016 MAMA Awards went down over the weekend in South Africa, some thing secretly went down behind closed doors between Big Brother Africa reality TV stars, Samatha and Idris Sultan.
Idris might have hooked up with Samantha, while in South Africa for the event.
Samantha posted that while everyone was getting ready for the MAMAs she was patiently waiting for her “nephew”. She posted a red heart as well as a hurry emoticon……And Idris Sultan commented saying “Am not your nephew”
“Everyone out preparing for the MAMA’s while I’m patiently waiting on my nephew like ?❤????.” Samatha
Meanwhile, Samantha didn’t respond to this comment. So what do you think? Is Idris the mystery nephew that Samantha was posting about? Who was that nephew coming during the MAMAs? The nephew that Sammy was “patiently” waiting for?samatha
You might recall that Sammy has never posted about any nephew on her social media accounts, so this nephew might be new…or perhaps “nephew” is the new code name for Idris.
This might explain why Sammy didn’t turn up at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards in South Africa, possibly because she didn’t want to be seen in public with this …Coughs “nephew” that she had patiently waited for. 
Several Big Brother housemates attended the event. Weza, Idris, Blue, Sheillah, and Denzel where at the ticket pro dome.
To take you back, Samantha and Idris had a nasty break up that broke the internet some time ago, they stopped communicating publicly online, until this nephew post came up. Perhaps all has been forgiven and maybe the love birds are back on track.



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