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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but Prezzo’s latest photos of him fondling and looking intimate with a Huddah look-alike told a whole story. A story of passionate love.
But unlike what many thought, she is not the main chic, in fact he seems really in love with one Naz Nassir a beautiful girl who looks like one of those models from the 90’s or Ethiopian-born model Liya Kabede.
“When ur WCW beside u & u forced to pull a LL COOL J & lick ur lips #TrulyUnruly #QueenWithThecrown” he wrote while flaunting his flame.

The rapper is famed for dating smoldering hot women such as Huddah, Chagga Barbie and Diva Bawse and he did not disappoint with Naz.



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