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CMB Prezzo is arguably the most decorated artiste in the Kenyan music industry. His lifestyle and flamboyance just put him on another level, probably out of this world.
Call him the king of bling, the wealthiest fella around and of course, the master of swag. As I said early, he is just on top.
But did you know 8 years ago Prezzo was a totally different person? Well, you wont believe it but it happened.
Here is how he looked like:

And did you know what he did for a living? Money doesn’t just come your way like that. You must work hard, hustle, bustle, moil and toil to make ends meet.
That way, wealth will come your way. Ask Prezzo and he will remind you that before all the fame, the money, the bling and the women, and everything, he supplied maize to some stores across the country. And this is how he made his money.
Prezzo said:
“Tangu zamani nimeshika usukani wa maisha yangu. 2007 my brother F. Kitakya & I were supplying maize to one of the biggest millers in Kenya. We pushed big numbers that we were nicknamed “The Corn Kingpins” This photo was taken in Narok with the shipment behind us #TBT #CornKingPins…”



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