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Kevin Pam is the first Nigerian to win the Big Brother Africa (BBA) Reality TV Show.
In 2009 tagged “BBA The Revolution”, said the organisers of the biggest reality TV show in Africa did not have any rule that stipulates that house mates must go naked.
The winner, Mr. Kevin Chuwang Pam said “they will tell you that everything you do while in the ‘House’ will be televised, starting from when you are bathing to when you are sleeping. Nobody will tell you to go naked. As for me I was always bathing with my boxes on”, he said.
Kevin decried the non-inclusion of BBA winners in Nigeria for the national award by the Jonathan administration, given to all Nigerians who had won prizes for the country, saying that it was because of the nudity perception of the TV show, that Nigeria did not take them serious, like others who won prizes for the country in other endeavours.
The first Nigeria winner of the BBA said somehow, Nigerian participants in the show suffered stigma in society as most people perceived them as someone who had gone naked on global television.
He called on the organisers to discourage nudity, so as to make the programme a delight for every home to watch.
Kevin, however, expressed dissatisfaction that the BBA would not be hitting the global screen this year as a result of lack of sponsorship. 
“Big Brother has grown beyond not having sponsors, but I am sure the organisers will get it right next year.”



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