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Last Sunday, former Kenyan representative to Big Brother Africa (BBA); The Chase, Annabel Mbaru, brought to light damning revelation that shocked many.
The 26-year-old lady claims a taxi man tried to force himself into her as she left Vineyard in Westlands. Annabel says she only escaped from his jaws thanks to her persuasion.
According to the former BBA contestant, the taxi driver pounced on her breasts and told her not to utter a single word.
Noticing the man was about to do the unthinkable, she told him she’s in contact with powerful people who would make him pay dearly if he rapes her.
“He fondled my womanhood aka my breasts and told me to shut up! Power is everything in this country. I used powerful names to get him off my body.” Wrote Annabel in part.
The taxi man cowed to Annabel’s threat and let her loose. The lass managed to take the vehicles’ registration number (KBJ 645G) which she says she will used to trace the imbecile.
Annebel who has a degree in psychology and community development, was bold enough to narrate her ordeal on social media.
She now urges ladies to use reliable taxis whenever they need to move around at night or any other time whatsoever.
“If you need to go home, please use Easy Taxi or a reliable cabbie. I’m alive and still breathing!”



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