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Love continues to blossom in the Idris-Samantha Kingdom and we bet it seems it’s just the beginning for the love-birds.
It should be remembered that while on the show (BBA Hotshots), Idris was perceived as the ladies’ man/love-boy basically because of his relationships with the likes of Botswana’s Goitse, Uganda’s Ellah and South Africa’s Samantha.
However, he seems to have gotten a softer spot for none other than Samantha because he quickly hooked up with her after winning the show and he’s been on the plane to South Africa countless times so far.
As it stands, Idris and Samantha are an item going by the activity on his social media accounts.
The most recent one, Idris referred to Sammy as his biggest achievement and as expected, tongues went wagging with both fans and ‘haters’ voicing out their opinions on this lovely couple.
Idris posted on Facebook: “You’re my biggest achievement“, as a caption to the photo be below.



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