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The other day social media and indeed Kenyans were thrown into disarray and dismay when former BBA contestant Ann Mbaru penned a long note narrating how she narrowly escaped a rape incident.
Ms Mbaru said that the taxi driver she trusted to ferry her to a certain club in Westlands turned against her and started fondling her breasts as he made sexual advances towards her.
She said that she was saved when she made phone calls to prominent persons who came to her rescue.
And now Ms Mbaru is revealing how life has been after the ordeal. Through her social media account, Ann says that she is trying her best to move on from the incident.
And it seems some people have been mocking her after the ordeal. Ann, however, says she has a thick skin to withstand any hatred and unwarranted disses.
Ann says:
“Pssst! Yes you



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