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There is trouble and I mean major trouble in socialite land. The two ultimate queens Huddah Monroe  of Big Brother Africa fame and vera Sidika have decided to share a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes away from all bikini photos.
Apparently Huddah has had enough of what she called Vera’s obsession of her ever since day 1. In a series of screenshots of her conversing with Vera she shared on instagram, she has exposed queen vee begging her to forgive her for all the wrongs she has been doing.
Huddah is accusing her of always taking shots at her then deleting posts and then going ahead to apologize on whatsapp something Huddah is sick and tired of.
She laid it out all bear and trust she didn’t hold back- curse words and insults which even the devil himself would be ashamed of and our efforts to reach Vera Sidika for a comment have proved futile:



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