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Annabel Mbaru took to the underground immediately after BBA but recently resurfaced.
She made headlines recently after a Taxi guy forcefully trying to have carnal knowledge of her and she narrated the incidence on social media. Speaking exclusively to Kenya’s Ghafla, Ann Mbaru gave us a breakdown of how the whole unfortunate night went down.
She says that they started the night out at Mwenda’s and chose to club hop thereafter, their two options being Gypsy’s and Vineyard. So Ann Mbaru and her friend went to Vineyard for what promised to be a night of fun before they hopped to Gypsy’s.
Unfortunately, her friend left and she attempted to find her way out of the club.Unlike what many thought, she says she was not drunk while leaving the club. The reason being that she is a public figure and she doesn’t fancy being the talk of the town as she wobbles in a drunken trance, a scene that we have witnessed one too many times among countless public figures.
When she was finally able to get hold of her friend, he said that he was at Gypsy’s, so she went to the guys at Vineyard asking for a reliable cab guy. She was then directed to some guys who were lined up outside and asked for the fare to Gypsy’s but the price was too expensive. It was 600 Kshs for a short distance so she protested and the taxi driver then walked away rudely when she attempted to bargain.
After he walked away, a young gentleman approached her and informed her that he would do the job for just 400 Kshs before calling an old man who would then become her driver.
The leader of the other cabs, a woman warned her against getting in the cab but she did.
She realized things were amiss when he did not take the turn to Gypsy’s but chose to accelerate .Before she could put two and two together the guy started groping her breasts, fondling and touching her inappropriately.
He twisted her hand then he told her that he liked raping girls like Ann. Her protests were met with commands to shut up. Her saving grace was threats that she would destroy him on social media and use her political connections if he did not get his grubby hands of her.
The name dropping helped as the driver froze  and she then ordered him to turn to Gypsy’s but he refused demanding money from her.
When he slowed down she jumped out and made sure she checked the car’s number plate before fleeing to safety at Gypsy’s. At Gypsy’s she attempted to call her friend but unfortunately his phone was off…. Watch out what happened next below:



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