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Controversial Kenyan socialite as well as former Big Brother Africa star, Huddah Monroe has gone fully clothes, stark naked and sometimes, erotic but she has ever failed to grab attention with her stunts.

This time, she decided an over-sized official t-shirt was all the clothing she was required to put on before hitting the club over the Weekend.

Well, it did work for her…she’s small, the shirt is big but shall we evaluate the pros and cons of wearing a shirt to a club?

Pro– Less stress when hitting the washroom or diving into a quickie with a significant other.

Con– I mean, a shirt? Has she lost her clothes wherein Manson? Happy would come naked then?hudda1

 Pro– Looks like she might have borrowed the shirt from her boyfriend– super cute that they can share clothes.

Con– What man would let his woman walk out the house in nothing but an over sized shirt and shoes?hudda2

Pro– She did not dance

Con– What if she was forced to dance? I mean, there are demands made on socialites, right?

Pro– Less laundry, multiple chances to get some in any location

Con– Makes a man lazy to just hit it if all he has to do is lift your shirt up, right?



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