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Nollywood actor says playing a ‘cultist with a difference’ has been his most challenging movie role ever.
In an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria, Nollywood actor and former Big Brother Africa rep, Melvin Oduah  revealed his most challenging movie role ever.
According to the actor, who described himself as ‘versatile,’ he loves challenges;
“I’m a very versatile actor. I love challenges in terms of my roles that I’m going to be playing in different movies.
According to Melvin, the last movie he featured in has been his most challenging yet. Describing his role in movie, he said;
“I was more like a cultist with a difference. I had to play two different personalities in one.
“I had to play the whole gentle school guy, and I had to play a terror outside school.
The director is someone who goes all out to make sure you depict that role well, so It was quite challenging, but I enjoyed the role.
Speaking on similarities between the character and the real Melvin, he said;
“No correlation. I’m not two sided, I’m not like that.”
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