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Prezzo at the finals in 2012
Jackson Ngechu Makini a.k.a CMB Prezzo missed the ultimate prize in 2012 by a hair’s breadth when he made it to the final two in Africa’s biggest reality TV show Big Brother Africa.
He regrettably lost to South Africa’s Keagan despite being a better more transfixing contestant. The flashy rapper may have not won the big prize but he made history as the ONLY Kenyan to reach the finals. In addition he was also named a One Campaign ambassador.
Another person who performed favorably was Malonza’s brother Alex and Ann Mbaru. Huddah failed exceptionally as she was booted out during the first week. The other two who came after Huddah and Mbaru were Sabina and Alusa who also did not perform too badly but the 300,000 USD proved elusive.
But they could all have a chance to redeem themselves if picked for an edition of BBA All-Stars this year. That is if everything goes as planned and BBA All Stars becomes a reality. A source from the BBA forte says that the BBA All Stars edition is still in the pipeline though no official communication has been made. If all go as planned they will announce it to the public.
And the possibility of an All-star happening was something echoed by Ann Mbaru who said that if she is picked for the next edition she intends on having her fun and not lose her clothes like last time!
If BBA All Stars goes down who will be your pick for this season? Comment on your  favorite below:
  1. Alex                                                     
  2. Alusa
  3. Ann Mbaru
  4. Huddah Monroe
  5. Malonza
  6. Prezzo
  7. Sabina Stadler



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