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He may be funny, hilarious and ‘unserious’ at times but we all know that when it comes to doing something and working hard at it, Idris gets his ‘serious mind’ on the task no wonder he bagged that molla from Bigger, it couldn’t be a coincidence.
This time around, Idris continues to inspire the young generation with motivational quotes on social media.
He said: “There is only one shortcut to success, “WORKING HARD AND NOT STOPPING”. The road to Forbes isn’t baby steps its big foot moves, taking risks you never imagined and doing things no one has done before.”

Going a little personal, Idris once said that if he manages to get his own Private Jet and a Bugatti, then he’ll rest. It’s now clear that Idris didn’t go to rest after winning BBA 2014.

Way to go Idris!



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