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The good thing about this channel is that it is managing to live up to its mission, which is being a channel for the people of this region. With September becoming more unpredictable as defined by the alternating spells of hot and wintry weather, television viewing more than ever becomes an attractive way of whiling away one’s time far away from the biting elements.
All you need is a warm jacket or a cold can of your favourite drink within the confines of your home or your favourite outing hole and you are good to face whatever vagaries the elements are throwing on that particular day.
This past weekend, I dedicated myself to go real African by watching only the Africa Magic channels. I zeroed in particularly on the show “Star Gist”, which features our own Vimbai Mutinhiri who never ceases to dazzle with her charm, suavity and enchanting voice.
Ever since the programme started gracing our screens in 2012, “Star Gist” revolutionised the way that television programmes should be like, and together with fellow presenter Lawrence Maleka back then, the duo cut a striking combination, something which other television presenters should emulate.
It is a good thing to be seen to be always well-presented apart from being articulate, since television presentation is all about visual impressions, and this is one thing that Vimbai and her fellows at “Star Gist” are doing — setting standards, so to speak.
I wonder if her stint in the “Big Brother” reality show might be helping in her career as a television presenter because she does her things effortlessly and one can tell than she has all the confidence and grace that it takes for her to land top gongs in one of the awards that honour personalities of her stature.
Moving on, it is a good thing to note that Zambezi Magic, since its inception a few months ago, is doing wonders and pushing the DStv logo to lofty levels.
Some might still say it is just another version of Mzansi or SABC channels but I was happy to catch shows from Zambia and Malawi.
The good thing about this channel is that it is managing to live up to its mission, which is being a channel for the people of this region.
But I must confess that I was really disappointed not to bump into anything from Zimbabwe.
Where are our innovative producers? What about all the animation geeks and comedians whose works make us laugh on platforms like WhatsApp? Surely this is your wake up call to go professional and aim for sustained productions so that you can make money out of your talents?
Meanwhile, there is some good news as Zambezi Magic is calling for local music video submissions, in preparation of the launch of the channel’s first two music video shows.
Public relations and publicity manager for MultiChoice Zimbabwe Liz Dziva said, “Zed Top 10 and Zim Top 10 will launch on the channel in October, proof that Zambezi is staying true to its promise of providing the best in local Southern African content by launching its first music shows this October.
“The channel, which was launched on July 1 and is the new home of Southern Africa focussed general entertainment, continues to search for and identify relevant new titles that it can add to its developing content line-up, and with music being a huge part of entertainment, Zambezi Magic is looking at beefing up its music offering by giving artists and/or music producers an opportunity to showcase their craft and talent on the channel.
“The shows will also give viewers the opportunity to vote for their favourite music videos via the Zambezi Magic Facebook page and more information will be provided closer to the launch date.
“Artistes should ensure that they are registered with royalty collecting bodies such as RISA and SAMRO in South Africa. Videos can be dropped off at any of the Multi-Choice Zimbabwe offices.”
I also enjoyed Goge Africa — a new discovery channel which is also spearheading Pan-Africanism in its various guises.
While a good number of television channels in Africa are pandering to the whims of their foreign bank-rollers, Goge Africa remains unwavering in their Pan-African stance and are committed to their mission statement of telling the African story as it is and with the pride that goes with it.
It is a good thing to see that we have television channels that are committed to the progress of the mother continent and are not bent on painting and portraying a negative image of their motherland always.
It is managing to tell the African story through its various programmes that are people-orientated and one will never be found wanting in terms of updates on issues taking place across the continent.
I did wonder why the Zimbabwe Fashion Week did not make it to this platform. Or maybe I missed the relevant episode?
However, on a positive note, this is something that our own ZTV remains steadfast in telling the Zimbabwean story with wide coverage of issues including economic and social features as well as people interest stories.
Happy viewing!



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