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We all grew to love Beatrice Oppong Buabeng commonly known as Ma’m Bea for the way she carried herself and treated others like her own in Biggie’s house last season.
The reality TV star, actress and fashion icon would cook and serve everyone, play solace to those who felt low at various stages of the show, no wonder she never got nominated so many times as she was needed in the house.
She managed to take it to the finals only to bow out empty handed but at least she earned a fan-base and platform that have helped her establish her own Fashion house (Mam Bea Fashion House) that is doing well not forgetting enhancing her acting career.
Speaking of fashions, the Ghanaian beauty has lately been busy with her fashion pieces and as already communicated, they are always ready and anyone anywhere can order for her outfits.

Way to go Ma’m Bea.



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