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Huddah Monroe caught Africa’s attention when she exercised in a teeny tiny yellow bikini blissfully ignoring the biting cold that comes with a Johannesburg morning.
As her companions craved getting swaddled in a coat or wrapped in a duvet to escape the drafty weather, Huddah ‘froze and shone’ .
Africans could not ignore Huddah and Denzel’s under the sheet shenanigans or how they paraded around in little clothing and the two were sent off after only one week. It seems that trudging around the BBA house or being sexy is not something Africans could take to.
But as Annabel reveals, there is more to Huddah Monroe than her BBA attention-seeking techniques as she was among the most hardworking people in the house.
She used to clean everything but the camera focused on her most unflattering positions that is when she was arguing with someone or exercising in a bikini, Annabel says.



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