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Big Brother The Chase winner, Dillish Mathews seems to be unapologetic to all men in her new social media post.

The reality star in her campaign as she had promised to break the silence on social and political issues especially those affecting the Girl Child has finally come out with statement calling the attention of men to give hand to women development. The campaign consists of only females and Dillish leader of the pack. 
Dillish in her statement said men are supposed to protect women but on think of F***king. Read full statement below:
“Dear: Men
Some of you are so disgusting, inhuman, sick and a disgrace to mankind! Enough with the gender based violence.
We are not your property. Women are allowed to love freely it’s our choice. If she falls out of love, killing her is not an option. Did you bring her on earth?! Did she put a gun to your head and say “spend money on me?
U men were supposed to protect us , cherish us and make the world a better place. And not a fuckin” hell house were a 4 year old girl have to suffer sexual abuse at the hands of men or being stoned to death because love is gone. Stop being fuckin’ monsters and man up.



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