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‘Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Can Only Dress Their Villagers’ said Huddah.

Huddah Monroe who thinks that the clothes most of these fashion bloggers wear are only good for their villagers and the walking dead.
Here is her full rant as seen on one of her social media accounts:
“It is funny that 99% of fashion bloggers in Kenya know ZERO About fashion. You are a fashion blogger but I can’t hack any of your outfits even for a funeral. I don’t know who these Kenyan fashion bloggers dress tho. The walking dead? Coz none of their outfits are impressive
You think if you dress your villagers you are already an award winning fashion blogger? LMFAO! 99% of you are jokes, Check out songs of Styles, Sidney fashion blogger e.t.c.
Fashion is not a 2 piece crop top and skirt. Fashion is not wedges and a maxi. Fashion bloggers go out of their way. Out of the ordinary and make magic.
SMH! 99% of Kenyan fashion bloggers are a disappointment to the fashion world.
Kaveke was fashion…and some other old school ladies, not these wannabees.
I’m out.
You can’t find anything impressive on these so called fashion blogger posts, and on their BIO they are Award winning…What did you win? Dressing your villagers? SMH ” she wrote.



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