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Wife of Cartel Big J, former member of defunct music group Praye, has revealed that she never had sex with Tanzanian representative, Nando, in the Big Brother House in 2013.
Selorm Galley, was one of two Ghanaian representatives at the Big Brother Africa, The Chase, reality show in 2013 and was accused of having sex with Nando.
But the actress has clarified that she didn’t have sex with Nando but only cuddled him.
“I did not sleep with Nando, all that we did was to kiss and cuddle,” she said in an interview with Delay.
Selly added that her husband’s ego was bruised but a conversation with the producers managed to relax him.
“Obviously, his ego was bruised but I got so much support that he did not have to worry about anything….again, he spoke to the producers of the show and they told him a lot of things, things that I think he was okay with.”



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