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Selly Galley’s nudes appear to have leaked on the internet only days after getting married to her long dating fiancee CartelBigJ. Selly Galley was married to Cartel in a traditional wedding weeks before the official white wedding that was well attended by many.
But it has come to shock many as depicting pictures of the two have been circulating all over the internet. The unraveling photos are said to have been posted by unknown internet gurus in a bid to taint their image on social media, but why?
Sources close to Galley have revealed that there is a jelous lover who didn’t wish the two to be together. A girl who wished to remain anonymous claims that she had a child with Selly’s new husband and wants to be given allowance to cater for the child every month. This has brought uneasiness in Selly’s family as they are now seeking to take to court whoever is posting the incriminating information online.



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