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Aaahh…friendships between socialites, it’s a fickle thing isn’t it?
One time they are hugging it all out, calling each other their ‘ride or dies’ and having the grandest of times and another time, Huddah is getting dragged by her edges all over Twitter.
But before I get into the latest episode of their ongoing row, let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? Once upon a time, back when Huddah Monroe rocked weaves, Huddah and Joe Muchiri were thicker than thieves, partying together and sharing secrets like friends do.
Then all hell broke loose and the two took to social media in a fight that got uglier by the second. Joe was on that slut-shaming tip while Huddah stabbed him where it hurts the most, she took shots at his mother.
Something that eons on, continues to vex Joe and it seems he cannot just let the sleeping dogs lie. Today he took shots at Huddah once again, poking fun at how she shares photos of herself chilling at the JKIA lounge.



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