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Reality TV star and actress Maneta Mazani describes herself as misunderstood people in Zimbabwe.
Since her appearance onto the public scene on Big Brother Africa and that infamous moment with Roki she has kept her head down in her studies but with enough time to appear on TV with cameo appearances on South African soap Isidingo as a love interest in a Buffalo Souljah video  and her new role in Africa Magic’s Lincoln Clan.
What is your government name?
Maneta Mazanhi
What do you like to call yourself?
I call myself Nita. It started in high school like in form one I think, I used to have an Indian science teacher who used to pronounce my name is “Manita” and I was so naughty she’d call my name like 20times in one lesson so everyone started calling me that and it stuck.
What is the most ridiculous nickname you have ever had?
The most ridiculous nickname that people have called me is Fingers. Loll I have long toes so they used to tease me saying I had 20fingers and no toes. I’d say that’s been the most ridiculous so far.
Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
I sleep on the left side of the bed in summer then in winter on the right side of the bed because  that’s where the socket is and Joburg is cold I have to sleep with the heater on. So it’s a 50/50 situation I’m not really fussy about such things.
Are you left-handed or right-handed?
I’m right handed.
What is your favourite instrument?
I love the drums ohhh and the bass guitar. They’re just so loud…. I actually want to learn how to play drums… Someday when I’m less busy.
What is the first song you fell in love with?
Ohh my God I remember this very well because it changed my life. I have so many brothers and sisters and growing up as the last born I was subjected to all types of songs because they would play their tapes and my mum used to play hers too but none of their stuff moved me and growing up in Bulawayo all you’d hear was either Kwaito or digong the likes of Author and Papa Penny  then I heard that Destiny’s child song “Soldier” Lil Wayne sounded so sexy and TI and them. It changed my world started listening to hip hop and hip hop is still my favorite 10yrs later.
Best concert you have ever been to?
Eish I think it’s the young money concert in 2009. But then again I could be a bit biased because those guys are my favorite.
Of the shows you have been part of, which one is your favourite?
I enjoyed doing the action movie, all the stunts, the action and the guns and the blood and the shooting. I made a realization that I’m actually trigger happy. Even after they say cut I’d stay with the prop gun looking all bad ass and stuff but I wouldn’t actually want to own a real gun I just don’t believe in them. Being in a movie like that is fun because you get to do things that would be illegal in real life like the gangs, the shooting and the killing and the torturing and stuff.
How do you deal with groupies?
Lol I wouldn’t say I have groupies but well they are just people who get overly excited and I laugh and joke with them sometimes some things shouldn’t be taken seriously.
How excited were you when the first groupie hollered at you?
I wasn’t excited it was pretty weird. I was getting marriage proposals and people promising me all this stuff and some people buying me things it was pretty crazy. I didn’t expect that much attention so I found it pretty weird and funny, yeah it was mostly funny.
Where is Zimbabwean film going?
Shucks that’s a tough one to answer, but Africa in general is still a long way from obtaining the same hype as Hollywood. The precedence that Hollywood has set is pretty high and it will take decades for us to achieve such levels. So as for Zim I think it has improved and it continues to do so but there’s still a lot that has to be achieved but I’m optimistic that they will get there.
Where is your career going?
I have many careers. So not sure which one you are referring to
What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for my perseverance, for my courage and for my will power and never dying spirit. I have had many countless challenges as an orphan growing up in Zimbabwe during the hard economic times it was extremely tough, but I’m a survivor and a fighter. I’m still fighting to achieve my goals and my dreams no matter how long it takes me to get there I will get there. It’s not the speed that matters as the shonas say “kumanya akuzi kusvika”. I never back down or give up no matter what is thrown at me and I’m fearless, I don’t let fear stop me from getting what I want. I’m brave for wiping off the tears that constantly fall from my eyes and I pick myself up and crawl if I’m unable to stand but one thing’s for sure life might be tough but I’m tougher and I refuse for anyone or anything to tell me that it cannot be done. I don’t believe in impossible and that my friends is what I wanted to be remembered for, that against ALL odds and trust me they have been many, that against all those odds I never give up and I never accept defeat. I’m a true Titan, a warrior and a survivor. May that be remembered when my name is mentioned and hopefully maybe my life story will one day inspire millions of people.



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