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To get to the Kanye West’s level of cockiness saw my favorite socialite don Kanye West’s inspired “Yeezy” ensemble. 
 For those at sea, Yeezy is fashion stemming from the self proclaimed ‘Yeezus” Kanye west which is quite technically speaking, military inspired regalia with a dash of retro fashion and dull hues (colors)
A month ago when Kanye was having his second season of Yeezy, social media went into a frenzy trolling his choice of fashion, calling it unnecessarily expensive and fit only to be worn by the homeless. Kanye however stood his guard, making yet another successful show in New York.
Now, closer home, Huddah is already borrowing inspiration from the grand-master himself by rocking an outfit inspired by “Yeezy”  as seen in the photo below: 
“My new style inspiration is Kanye West, something different
Yeezy is all about being effortlessly chic and different. While she may not be in Yeezy exactly, She has done a wonderful job in selecting the color palette and the boots – this is quite an interesting mirror or a  “Do it yourself” 
See also, below, photos of yeezy season 2.



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