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He blew up circa 2004 and did things no one had done before,said things no one had said before,dropped videos no one had dropped before and came with a swag no one had seen before.

He rose in the speed of light- with a swashbuckling style that quickly made him something of a legend ; filthy rich,stylish,flashy,tenacious,flamboyant,controversial and wild.
He snapped up Nazizi and flew her down to Dar Es Salaam from where he would push her into crafting over five different choruses (hooks) for his signature hit Let’s Get Down.
A notorious control freak,Prezzo insisted on nothing but the best…The best recording studios,best video directors,best collaborators,best posse,best songs, best girls and the very best media coverage.
Meticulously,he micromanaged his whole image and presented to the World the first,truly legitimate Kenyan music superstar.
And everything,as they say, almost became history before he bungled up such a spectacular entrance into the hallway of fame.
Everything the man did was BIG – He talked big,walked big,dressed big,flaunted big,dropped big videos,lived big,made big entrances and became almost unassailable.
His net worth quickly eclipsed his music and fans and foes alike were noW more focused on how much the man was worth and not his latest release.
And just like he had planned out,the public played into his hands as he quickly took them on a winding tour of his endless wealth,means and financial might.
Most of it was definitely exaggerated but the man did things his way. And we let him be him.
People were enthralled by his flashiness,his sheeny jewelry,his attire,his fashion sense,his cars and his dramatic arrivals at events.
With hits like Naleta Action,Nawapenda Wo and P-R-E-Z-Z-O,the man became an instant pop legend. He charmed us all… And won us all.
He even dated girls we all wished to meet. And,just to spite us and show us who was the boss,he even crisscrossed town with the hottest woman in town back then – Sheila Mwanyigha – even blinding us with tales of their upcoming marriage.
He became a total showstopper ; a spectacle,a thriller.
Girls swore by his name. Men wished to be him.
Prezzo,back in the Naleta Action era
And then,just like 50 Cent,a man he curiously shares a name with (Jackson) he ignited puerile beefs with the the whole rap world just for the goddam sake of it – but mostly,just to make his presence even more felt and just to dethrone whoever was King before his knighthood.
Bamboo took notice of the new kid’s notoriety and responded.
A classic Jay and Nas-esque beef was immediately born- With all the ingredients of a rap rivalry – diss tracks, name calling,trash talking,threats,random fights and radio attacks.
He even went for the King of Dancehall too. But sadly,the Dancehall King was either too busy to engage or too scared to hit back preferring to run to the safe hands of his then girlfriend and sponsor Rose Wahito who ended up caught up in the vicious Prezzo Vs Redsan showdown.
He quickly became a permanent fixture in the Kenyan entertainment scene almost becoming the threshold by which everything Kenyan pop would be measured.
Fame stuck to him like glue. He quit the industry for a minute only to re-emerge,reinvented,as a Reality Show cast member wannabe.
Prezzo’s walk into the Big Brother Africa house in South Africa was met with much derision and disdain by many Kenyans both offline and online .
He was taunted and mocked and trashed. We believed he wouldn’t last a minute in the house. We knew he wouldn’t last a minute in the house.
But lo and behold,the man not only stayed in the house till the very last day,he became the first runner-up in one of the most dramatic,memorable,emotional,spine-tingling,entertaining,thrilling and closely-fought BBA contests in the history of the show.
He became an instant African supernova with adoring fans from as far as Nigeria,Benin,Ghana, Senegal,Ivory Coast and Namibia.
Again,Prezzo,through sheer antics and a larger than life personality,shook the World.
But that seemed to be the end of the man.
After his show-stopping BBA performance,Prezzo’s star started to dim. Eventually,it lost all it’s light and flickers.
The man was declared dead.
He fell into a canyon of drug-abuse,drunkenness,moral decadence and sexual depravity.
He slept with pretty much every licentious girl in town,courted and bedded all the socialites – emerging and established – From Huddah to Vanessa Chettle to Noti Flow to Soila Cole.
His world became a rotten cave of endless drunken sprees,unhinged abuse of drugs and erratic public behavior.
He even lost weight and lost his mojo… The man became a laughing stock who would pitifully appear as a groupie in Camp Mulla music videos,scrawny and bleak-eyed.
The shiny bling was gone,the grills were gone,the macho was gone,the swankiness was gone.
The man became a ghostly figure,a relic of his former glorious self,a wretch after whom ratty women from Tanzania,with bleached skins and no jobs,were fighting over.
Prezzo on the infamous KTN interview with Betty Kyalo
He didn’t rap no more. Didn’t drop no more new material. Didn’t appear in shows no more and didn’t drop them sparkling videos no more.
He morphed into a hazy,street clown,always drunk,always high,always belligerent.
All he did now was make impromptu appearances at VIP parties,drink himself silly,cause commotion,flash out his gun and cause a massive ruckus.
And even when he showed up on TV for a simple sit-down,he ended up displaying severe mental issues that prompted his mother to offer a public apology for his drunken belligerence and for his unsolicited for sexual advances at married TV hosts.
And then the hallucinations began …..
‘I once dated Beyonce ‘, ‘Jay Z is jealous of me ‘ Floyd Mayweather is my personal friend ‘,’ Justin Bieber was my classmate ‘
The point at which we all confirmed ; the King Of Bling has officially gone mad.
He tried ignited some beef with Jaguar,an extremely successful and high-flying pop star,and it just didn’t work.
It just couldn’t work.
The allure was gone. The charm was gone. The aura was gone. The status was gone.
It became an endless descent into despair and despondency since then.
Now,the man stars in a shoddy late-night TV show filled with loud, unschooled bimbos and skinny empty heads.
And is now dating a ghetto tramp.
And as we speak,the brother is in police custody arrested over the weekend for attempting to carjack a pilot. Drunk,as usual.
Truly,things do fall apart.
Adios,King of Bling.



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