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Racy photo voyeurs gather! I have in my collections a dose of skimpiness that will tickle your fancies. 
Huddah Monroe, formerly a farmer and Kenyan Big Brother Africa rep decided to treat us (voyeurs) to a taste of how her grocery farm looks like when she is wearing Calvin Klein. Huddah who seems to have a thing for Calvin Klein Undies posted photos of herself in Italy looking all yummy. 
The  identity of her photographer however still remains unknown though expert office voyeurs tell me that it is possible that her man (sponsor)  took the photos after buying her the bikini set.  This rings true, for you see, there are men like you and I who buy lingerie and bikini for their women just for shits and giggles. 
Now close your eyes, I have a surprise for you: 

Huddah Monroe In a Tiny Calvin Klein Bikini



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