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What if I told you that you are just poor because you wear clothes from Gikomba? Clothes that a well to do spoilt brat all the way in Tennesee or Jakarta threw away only for you to pay for them months later? 
Huddah Monroe has been reminiscing about how she grew up, from living in the slums and being harassed by a stepfather to being eeerm a successful “entrepanuer”. She wrote earnestly and lovingly of her mother, a woman who gave it all to see her kids grow up to be better persons. 
Her post read: “Back in the ghetto. These Gikosh clothes tho ….. There’s so many days we had no food to eat. Life was never easy , loosing your father, having a violent step father, having step family that never liked you, you Slave for them as they watch you suffer and shit. I’m VERY proud of where I came from and thank God that I don’t look like where I came from….”
Huddah went on to thank her mother profusely for standing by them and making sure that they became “responsible people”.
“Many thanks to my mom for always giving us hope, teaching us that no situation in life is PERMANENT! If you are in a bad situation, Hang in there, ONE day you will See the light at the end of the tunnel. May God bless my momma and always put a smile on her face for all the suffering she been through to raise me and my step brothers.”
The socialite then finished her heart-rending post with words of encouragement for you all, especially Gikomba-clothes wearing internet voyeurs :
“We are NOT where we want to be in life but we are glad we are not where we used to be”



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