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Let’s all agree that chances are that when one wins a reality TV show like Big Brother (Africa), it never stops there as lots of other doors open up and opportunities come by.
It’s in the same sense that one’s fans/followers also grow by the day – I mean who wouldn’t want to associate themselves with a WINNER?
Now, talking about winning, our very own BBA 2014 winner Idris Sultan from Tanzania is one of the celebrities on the continent currently selling like hot cake.
It should be noted that before he stepped into the Big Brother house, little was known about him not even on social media but alas, when the 22 year-old comedian stepped out as a winner, not only did he bag the dollars but also had a huge fan base following him.
He’s currently on top of his game after gunning half a million followers on social media site Instagram in less than a year after winning the show.
And he’s of course excited about it, going on Facebook to flaunt it.

Congratulations Idris!



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